Support Brampton Taxi Drivers

The Problem .

Ride sharing apps like Uber have inserted themselves into the vehicle for hire industry in cities across the globe. These apps have disrupted the industry and refused to abide by municipal and provincial laws. Apps like Uber and Lyft have excluded people dealing with mobility issues and, due partially to lack of legislation, have been used as a platform for dangerous attacks.

Industry regulation is more than red tape; it is the tool that governments use to protect citizens. In February 2016, Brampton city council called on Uber to suspend their services in the Brampton area until regulations have been drafted. Uber, however, has refused to abide by our government’s request.

The Solution .

It is time to act. We cannot stand by while companies like Uber violate the requests of our government and put Brampton residents in danger. Brampton needs regulation that will protect our residents and provide accessible services for everyone.

Call or email your local city councillor and tell them the City of Brampton needs to halt the operations of Uber until safe and accessible regulation is created, because Brampton residents deserve better.

Find your city councillor here: Tell us your story! Have you had issues finding an accessible Uber vehicle or found yourself in danger while using Uber or other ride sharing apps? Send us an email at

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